Business and Commercial Insurance

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Every decision you make as a business owner incurs some degree of risk, and to mitigate that risk you need business or commercial insurance coverage. It can protect your business investment and assets in the event of a natural disaster, the death of a partner, an employee injury, or even a simple mistake.

Are You Covered?

Solutions to your insurance quandaries may be awaiting discovery within the articles of LoveToKnow's Business and Commercial Insurance. These are but a few of the things you can learn about as you explore this category:

Insurance Basics

See offerings from a variety of different insurance companies and learn how to:

  • Navigate through the different types of business insurance
  • Assess the financial stability of business insurance providers
  • Select an insurance broker
  • Secure a bond for your business


Ultimately, everything involved with insurance is about money, but these articles show you how to:

  • Save money on business insurance without sacrificing coverage
  • Choose a provider that may save you money.

Liability Protection

The three primary types of liability policies are general, professional, and product. Learn about:

Insure Real Property

Whether you own or lease, real property must be protected. Learn:

  • Why businesses that lease space need commercial renters insurance
  • Why you need flood insurance, even if you aren't located near a flood zone

Still More

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why home-based business owners need business insurance coverage
  • How to determine the amount of business or commercial coverage you need
  • How to respond to a fraud inquiry

Something for Everyone

Whether you are a street vendor or an investment broker, your work exposes you to certain risks. Coverage is available for almost every conceivable vulnerability. Consider purchasing policies or riders for whatever particular vulnerabilities you and your business face.

Business and Commercial Insurance