Your Benefit Resource

Tamsen Butler

Your Benefit Resource is an insurance company which has been in business since the late 1980's. Although this company once dealt solely with life insurance policies, it now offers many different products. In the state of Minnesota, Your Benefit Resource is licensed by Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Individual Health Insurance

As anyone who has ever had to secure individual health insurance knows, the cost of a policy can be astronomical depending upon the needs of the client. This leads many people to shop around for insurance in an attempt to find the highest quality policy for the least amount of money. Your Benefit Resource offers individual health insurance to people who are:

  • Unemployed
  • Attending school
  • In need of short-term health insurance for use while traveling

This company also offers assistance with HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) for individuals and company plans.

Group Health Insurance

Your Benefit Resource also offers group health insurance for both small and large businesses. The cost of the policies is highly dependent upon the number of employees with the company and the individual needs of the employees. Human resource departments of companies looking for health insurance for their employees do quite a bit of comparison shopping because insurance can become a major expense for the company.

After all, companies which offer the best health insurance policies to their employees have better retention rates and are able to attract more quality employees than a company without attractive benefits. Your Benefit Resource additionally offers:

  • Group dental plans
  • Group life insurance plans
  • Group long-term disability insurance plans

These additional insurance riders can make an employer's benefit package very attractive to potential employees.

Limited Offerings

There are certain insurance benefits which this company does not make available to individuals and smaller companies. For example, although dental insurance is a common offering, this company only offers orthodontic benefits to larger companies. Your Benefit Resource also offers affiliate discount programs to employers with a large number of people.

The Website

The website for Your Benefit Resource does not offer any sort of method to offer instant insurance rate quotes. Potential customers need to either make a telephone call to a representative or send a quote request via e-mail. Your Benefit Resource's website also includes many external links for other products including auto and homeowner's insurance.

Interestingly enough, the website also features external links to companies offering computer memory sticks and long distance services. Scott Johnson, the Certified Human Resources Manager for Your Benefit Resource, also posts a message on the website urging Blue Cross Blue Shield customers to enroll through him as opposed to through the Blue Cross website because otherwise he doesn't get paid. The site is not very appealing to the eye, but the information presented is self-explanatory.

Educational Programs

Companies can request Your Benefit Resource to come on-site to conduct educational seminars for employees. The presenter will explain health insurance and other program benefits to the employees and answer any questions they may have. The presenter will even answer questions regarding other health insurance company offerings.

The company will also assist employees with financial matters such as planning for retirement and tax advice. Employees are also given access to internet sites and telephone consultations if they have further questions regarding health insurance or financial planning matters. It is more than a mere health insurance company and tackles other important benefit needs for companies. This company can act as a human resource department in a limited capacity for businesses.

Your Benefit Resource may not have been around as long as some other health insurance companies and they certainly do not have the flashiest website available. This company does have some eclectic offerings however, and their capability of acting in the capacity of a human resources department undoubtedly attracts many companies.

Your Benefit Resource