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What Is the Average Cost for Motorcycle Insurance

Tamsen Butler
Motorcycles must be insured similarly to cars.
Motorcycles must be insured similarly to cars.

What is the average cost for motorcycle insurance? There are a wide variety of factors affecting the cost of motorcycle insurance, but rest assured that safe riders with plenty of experience with motorcycles will enjoy much deeper discounts than those riders with tickets or accidents.

What is the Average Cost for Motorcycle Insurance Today?

Some motorcycle owners are pleased to discover that the cost of insuring their bikes is a lot less than they initially imagined it would be. In fact, many motorcycle owners pay half - or less than half - in insurance costs for their motorcycles as they do for their automobiles. For example, an experienced rider living in a suburban area can probably expect to pay only about $120 or less for twelve months worth of motorcycle insurance coverage, but this is assuming that the rider's record is clear of infractions and there are no modifications made to the motorcycle.

There are so many factors that influence what is the average cost for motorcycle insurance that there is no definitive average that all motorcycle owners can expect to pay when purchasing coverage.

The Factors

Just like with automobile insurance, there are a number of factors that will affect how much you pay for motorcycle insurance. The more risk you pose to the insurer, the higher your insurance premiums will be on average. Insurers assess risk in a variety of ways.


Driving a motorcycle takes some practice, so insurers offer lower premiums to motorcycle owners who have a good deal of experience with riding in varying conditions. On average, riders with years of experience with motorcycles will receive lower premiums than people who have just purchased their very first motorcycle.

Taking motorcycle driving classes may also result in a lower insurance cost, especially if the classes are optional and result in some form of certification. Younger people spend more on average for coverage than people in their 30s and beyond.

Driving Record

Accidents, moving violations and license suspensions or revocations will all raise the cost of motorcycle insurance exponentially. Sometimes it doesn't matter if the accident or other incident was your fault; the insurance company will still take it into account when setting your premium.

  • Accidents and Violations: Most insurers will want to know about any accidents or violations - regardless of fault - for the last three years. If the incidents involved alcohol or drugs, the insurer will want to know about it for up to ten years.
  • License Suspensions or Revocations: Insurance companies will ask about any license problems within the last ten years, and this will definitely affect your premium costs.

The Bike

What type of motorcycle you drive, and any modifications that have been made to the motorcycle, will have a large influence on the cost of the motorcycle insurance. On average, stock motorcycles will cost less to insure than custom bikes because they are easier to replace.Motorcycles with anti-theft devices will have smaller premiums on average than comparable motorcycles without these features.

Insurer and Coverage

Insurance companies vary in the costs of coverage. While some companies offer bare-bones policies at rock bottom prices, other companies offer impressive coverage that costs far more. The insurance company you choose, and the coverage you select, will have a huge effect on the cost of your motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle Usage

How you use the motorcycle will influence the average cost you will pay for coverage. Be prepared to answer these questions when requesting a quote for coverage:

  • Is the motorcycle used for business purposes, such as making deliveries?
  • How many miles do you expect to drive the motorcycle on a monthly basis?
  • Where is the motorcycle kept when not in use?
  • Is the motorcycle used for racing?

Reduce the Cost

The discounts offered for coverage vary from one insurer to another, so talk to your insurer about ways to reduce the cost of motorcycle insurance.

What Is the Average Cost for Motorcycle Insurance