USPS Insurance Claims

Learn how to file a postal claim.

USPS insurance claims are not difficult to file; however you must submit the correct forms within the required filing period, or your claim will be denied.

Purchasing the Insurance

You never know when your package might be damaged or lost in transit. Package insurance is like any other type of business insurance, damage insurance or service contract. If you insure your package for the amount of its value, you can file a claim and may receive compensation for your loss.


Insurance can be purchased when you mail your package at the post office, from an Automated Postal Center kiosk in the post office lobby or online.

  • Post office - You must complete an insurance form and present the form to a USPS employee in order to purchase up to $5,000 in coverage against loss or damage. For packages with larger values, you can purchase Registered Mail, which will insure up to $25,000. Registered Mail can be used with either first-class mail or Priority mail.
  • Automated Postal Center - Up to $500 in coverage can be purchased at this self-service kiosk for packages being sent to domestic (non-International) addresses.
  • Online - You can purchase up to $500 in coverage. Delivery Confirmation is automatically included.


The cost of the insurance is based on the amount of insurance coverage, starting at $1.70 for up to $50 in coverage to about $50 for $5,000 in coverage.When you purchase Express Mail, Express Mail International and Global Express Guaranteed, you automatically receive $100 in insurance at no additional cost. Additional coverage can also be purchased.

The person mailing the package in the post office will receive a USPS sales receipt and a postmarked Form 3813 which shows the amount of the insurance and destination information.

Filing Domestic USPS Insurance Claims

Either the addressee or the mailer can file the claim.


You can file an insurance claim at any post office by completing the customer portion of a PS Form 1000, Domestic Claim or Registered Mail Inquiry. For your convenience, you can also download the form and take the completed form into any post office or file online.


Additional documentation must be presented with the claim:

  • Original mailing receipt - This is the receipt from the USPS showing that the mailer purchased the insurance service. The sales receipt that shows the cost of the insurance purchased can also be presented.
  • Evidence of value - This could be an invoice, receipt, cancelled check or copy of a credit card statement.
  • Estimate of repair - If the damaged item is to be repaired, instead of replaced, the projected repair cost must be submitted with the claim.
  • Proof of damage - The actual package will need to be presented.
  • Proof of loss - If the package does not arrive at its destination within twenty-one days, the mailer must present a signed letter from the addressee stating that they did not receive the package.

When to File

All claims for damage should be filed immediately after receipt. They must be filed no later than sixty days after the package was originally mailed.If the claim is for a lost package, a specific number of days must pass before the claim can be filed:

  • Express mail - Seven days
  • Registered mail - 15 days
  • Insured mail - 21 days
  • COD, APO/FPO insured (first-class) - 45 days
  • APO/FPO insured (surface mail) - 75 days

Express mail claims must be filed no later than 90 days from the date of mailing. Claims for all other types of service must be filed within 180 days.

Filing International USPS Insurance Claims

The addressee or mailer can call the USPS at 800-222-1811 to start the claims process. They will be sent an informational package including a PS Form 2855 to complete. Completed forms and documentation are then mailed to the address included in the informational package.

What to Expect

Claims are usually paid within 30 days of the receipt of all materials. Claims for packages mailed to international addressees can take longer.

Additional References

Have more questions about USPS insurance claims? Call your local post office.

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