Filing State Farm Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims
Insurance Claims

The process of completing State Farm Insurance claims is not a complicated one. This leading insurance company has taken care to ensure that policy holders will not have to deal with unnecessary stress or complications when reporting claims or checking on the status of claims that have already been filed.

Report State Farm Insurance Claims

You can report a claim on your State Farm insurance policy online or by telephone. If you'd like to file your claim via the Internet, simply visit the insurance company's online claim center. If you already have a login for the State Farm website, you'll want to sign in before you start processing your claim. Doing so will automatically pull in details about your policy, allowing you to minimize data entry while reporting the incident. If you don't have a login, be prepared to enter your policy number as well as details to enable the insurance company to verify your identity.

If you prefer to file your insurance claim by telephone, call the telephone number printed on your insurance card. If you don't have your insurance card with you, simply look up the phone number for your agent's office in a telephone directory or click on the agent locator to find the phone number online. If you place the call at a time that the office is closed, you will be forwarded to the "24 Hour Good Neighbor Service Team" where you'll be able to speak to a representative who can assist with your claim.

Information Needed by Claim Type

In addition to the name of the insured person and the policy number, State Farm will need specific information in order to process a claim on your policy. The type of information that you'll need in order to complete the process of filing State Farm insurance claims will vary based on the type of claim you are reporting.

Vehicle and Property Claims

To file a claim for damage to your automobile, home or other covered property you'll need to provide the insurance company with details about the incident. Be prepared to provide a description of the event that has taken place and to share specific details, such as the date that the incident happened as well as the location where it occurred.

In the case of car accidents and some other types of covered occurrences, it's essential to notify the proper law enforcement authorities. Doing so ensures that you'll be able to obtain a police report documenting what has happened. The law enforcement officer on the scene will provide you with a report number, which you'll need to provide to State Farm along with the name of the particular police department that handled the incident when reporting the claim. Additionally, if another person was involved in the incident, you'll need to provide the insurance company with the name, telephone number, and insurance coverage details for the other person who was involved.

Life Insurance Claims

If you are filing a claim on a life insurance policy, you'll need to have specific information about the deceased individual including his or her full name, date of birth, and the state where he or she resided. Additionally, you'll need to provide the insurance company with the person's date and cause of death. The official cause of death will be printed on the death certificate that will be issued by the local Board of Health.

After the Claim

After reporting a claim on your State Farm insurance policy, you will be provided with details regarding how to proceed. The next steps that you'll need to take will vary based on the type and severity of the incident. If additional information is required to process a life insurance claim, a representative will be in touch with the beneficiary of the policy. For insurance and property claims, an insurance adjuster will be assigned to your case.

You may need to visit a local claims processing center, or the adjuster may visit you or work directly with the facility that you select to handle vehicle or property repairs. Once you have filed a vehicle or property claim, you can check on the status of your report via State Farm's online claims status page.

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Filing State Farm Insurance Claims