Does Sears Offer a Home Warranty?

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Sears Home Services offers warranty plans to provide unique options to homeowners seeking coverage for major household appliances and systems that are not covered by standard insurance policies. To give consumers a peace of mind, all repairs are backed by a 180 day service guarantee.

Options Available to Homeowners

Sears Home Services Warranty Plans, which are one-year service contracts, cover the costs associated with essential repairs and replacements. There is a $60 deductible and no restrictions on the age of products eligible for coverage.

Consumers also enjoy an unlimited number of service requests, but individual and annual claims are capped at $10,000 and $50,000, respectively.

The following plans are available to homeowners:

  • The Systems Warranty plan provides coverage for most major household systems.
  • The Appliance Warranty plan provides coverage for most major appliances.
  • The Whole House Warranty plan is a consolidated version of the Systems and Appliance plans, and the most comprehensive option for consumers.

To learn more about the specific components that each plan covers, view the program descriptions on the website.

Compare Your Options

Systems Warranty Appliance Warranty Whole House Warranty
Washer & Dryer x x
Refrigerator/Ice Maker x x
Range/Cook Top/ Oven x x
Exhaust Fan x x
Built-In Dishwasher x x
Built-in Microwave x x
Built-in Trash Compactor x x
Central A/C x x
Central Heating x x
Ductwork x x
Faucets x x
Garbage Disposal x x
Kitchen faucets/exposed supply lines x x
Plumbing Systems (tub/shower valves, waterlines, wastelines, gas lines) x x
Plumbing Stoppages x x
Toilets x x
Water Heater x x
Water Softener x x
Ceiling Fans x x
Electrical System x x
Garage Door Opener x x

How to Purchase

To learn more about Sears Home Services Home Warranty Plans or request a quote, call 1-888-246-3756 or complete the questionnaire on the Sears website.

Review Terms Before Buying

Before choosing a plan, review the terms and conditions to ensure that they best suit your coverage needs. In addition, confirm that the fee assessment complies with your budget.

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Does Sears Offer a Home Warranty?