RV Insurance To Cover Water Damage

Consider Adding Roadside Assistance To Your RV Insurance Plan.
Consider Adding Roadside Assistance to Your RV Insurance Plan

Finding affordable RV insurance to cover water damage is an important concept to those whose life and leisure are tied to their motor home or towable unit. Thousands of Americans yearly take to the road in RVs, which allow them to enjoy the comfort and privacy of their own living and sleeping unit while also enjoying life on the open road.

Why is RV Insurance to Cover Water Damage Needed

"RVing" has become something of a national pastime and allows people to travel across the country in style. As with other types of vehicles, accidents do happen in RVs, but when they do, the damage can be much more financially devastating.

More insidious than a minor collision, water damage can destroy a motor home even under the watchful care of RV owners. Here are a few facts about RV insurance to cover water damage that will be useful if you ever find yourself in the unenviable position of a damaged RV owner.

RV insurance to cover water damage isn't required by law; however, the destruction caused by leaks is often enough for individuals to opt for additional coverage. Water leaks often happen over time and result in mold and mildew growth, which can cost thousands to repair, sometimes resulting in the RV being totaled. Unfortunately, water damage can happen unnoticed. Water gets into the RV through poorly sealed roofs, body seams, vents, and slide-outs. Opening such as water and sewage hookup lines are susceptible to leakages as well.

While vigilance can often make the difference, insurance can cover water damage that goes undetected. Total loss replacement, recovery of damaged property, and emergency expenses if the RV is traveling well away from where you live, may be able to save you from the heavy losses you will incur if water damage is detected in your vehicle. Best of all, your insurance provider may be able to customize your policy to include water damage inexpensively.

Available Insurance

Insurance against water damage is usually rolled up into a policy that best fits your needs as an RV owner. Full-time RVers will need quite a bit more coverage than those who leave their RV in storage for all but a couple of weeks out of the year. For those who use their RV unit similarly to the way others use a home, living in it for the majority of the time, coverage similar to homeowner's insurance may be purchased. Fulltimer liability insurance generally covers any type of damage, from water damage to collisions and fires.

Higher liability coverage is mirrored on the other end of the spectrum by suspend collision coverage, which provides basic coverage for an RV only when it is in use. Some of these individuals end up getting fooled, however, when the "full" coverage provided by their insurance company isn't actually "full-timer" coverage, and their water damage claim is denied. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that you are covered for water damage no matter what type of policy you have.

Find Insurance

Insurance providers for RVs are easy to find, but finding the right one is a matter of determining what your needs are as an RV owner. The age, make, and model of your RV will change the amount you will have to pay for water damage coverage; older RVs are far more susceptible to leaks.

As mentioned above, sometimes companies roll water damage coverage into a larger policy. Other times, you will need to specifically request insurance to cover water damage. Good Sam, Progressive, and RV America all provide quality insurance, including coverage for water damage to your RV. The choice, of course, is entirely up to you.

If you are unsure about what type of water damage coverage you're after, and how it will affect the cost of your policy as a whole, you should contact an insurance agent and talk about your coverage options.

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RV Insurance To Cover Water Damage