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Motocross Bike Insurance

Tamsen Butler
Motocross bike

Even if you only occasionally indulge in a ride, you still need quality motocross bike insurance to cover yourself against unexpected loss or damage to other motocross bikes. You'll need additional coverage if you race your motocross bike for profit.

Necessary Coverage

You may think that you can skip on motocross bike insurance coverage since your bike isn't your main method of transportation. Just because you don't rely on your motocross bike to get you around town, does not mean that you do not need to take the time to find adequate insurance. You are not only responsible for your own bike, but you are also responsible for any damage you may cause to property or other bikes while riding. Without proper coverage you're putting yourself - and your personal finances - at risk.

Amount of Coverage

The amount of insurance coverage you need for your motocross bike varies depending on several factors:

  • Do you ride your bike often, or only occasionally?
  • Where is the bike stored?
  • Do any young riders use your bike?
  • Do you use your motocross bike for competitions?
  • Are motocross bike races a source of income for you?

The cost you pay for your coverage will be different depending on additional factors as well. The insurance companies you contact for a quote will review all the coverage options available to you based on how you use your motocross bike.

Cheap versus Quality

When reviewing the different levels of coverage available to you, it is important to make sure that you take more than simply the cost of the insurance into consideration. The least expensive coverage may not necessarily be the best option, especially when the time comes to make a claim. You need to make sure your insurance company will be there when you need them.

Find Motocross Bike Insurance

Check with the insurance company that already covers your automobile or home and find out if the company offers coverage for motocross bikes. You may be able to get a discount for purchasing multiple policies from the same provider. If your current insurance provider does not offer coverage for motocross bikes, an Internet search will yield many suitable results.

Here is a brief listing of insurance companies offering motocross bike insurance quotes online:

  • Progressive provides coverage for a variety of off-road vehicles. This is a reputable company which most people are familiar with.
  • Famous Insurance Agency offers insurance coverage for motocross bikes and other recreational vehicles. This company offers coverage designed specifically for motocross riders.
  • Some motocross manufacturers such as Yamaha partner with insurance companies to offer quality coverage. Endorsement from a motocross manufacturer does not guarantee the best coverage at the lowest price, but it is a good starting point in your search for insurance.

There are many other companies offering insurance coverage on the Internet. A quick search online will yield many adequate results. Remember that an insurance company offering ridiculously rock-bottom rates for coverage may not be the most reliable company for your needs.

Online Quote

When filling out an online request for an insurance quote, be sure to fill out the request completely and accurately. Motocross bikes have Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) just like other vehicles. It is important to copy the VIN accurately in order to give this information to prospective insurers. You can request online quotes for a motocross bike you don't own; but, you will receive a more accurate quote for a bike on which you have the VIN and all other vehicle-specific information.

Do not attempt to save money by hiding the fact that you have had a couple of accidents or other incidents with your motocross bike. Insurance companies can check the accuracy of your claims. Most insurance companies expect motocross bikes and other recreational vehicles to experience some dings and scratches because of the nature of use of these types of bikes.

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Motocross Bike Insurance