Military Health Insurance for Adopted Children

Military Kids

Military members may be curious to learn about military health insurance for adopted children and to discover what exactly will cover adopted child in case of medical emergency. When you are on duty, you want to be assured that every member of your family is fully covered, whether or not you are the biological parent of your child. Read on to learn more about military health insurance for adopted children.

Does the Military Offer Coverage for Adopted Children?

If you are the parent of an adopted child, it can be very confusing to understand what kinds of benefits these adopted children can have access to. Your insurance policy is the key to keeping your children safe while on active duty, and as the legal parent of an adopted child, you realize how important it is to take care of your children with the same privileges that a biological parent in the military might have.

Types of Military Health Insurance for Adopted Children

The United States Armed Forces offers equal benefits for adopted children as they do for your biological children. They are treated as dependents, so long as they are under the age of 18 they are afforded the full health care coverage through TriCare that any other child is offered through the military's benefits package. Adopted children may be eligible for coverage through college age years as well. In other words, your adopted children have no less benefit coverage than your biological children - so long as your children were adopted legally and you still have custody of them.

You might have alternate insurance options. For example, if your spouse has a different insurance policy, you might want to consider the fact that his or her insurance might offer better coverage for your children.

Life Insurance

If you are in the military and are on active duty, your adopted children can have full life insurance if you select Family Servicemembers Group Life Insurance. If you are in the Guard or the Reserve, this same policy exists. This option will cover each of your children for $10,000. You will only have to pay a small monthly fee to have access to this insurance - usually well under $10. This means that you can provide life insurance to your adopted children without much out of pocket expenses.

Steps to Insuring Adopted Children

Any good parent would want to take the correct steps that are necessary to insuring his or her children, and the military facilitates the process for you to do this. Your primary concern might be making sure you insure your adopted child. This insurance is effective from the day you officially adopt your child and enroll your child into the health care system. Your legally adopted children are eligible until they are married, or through the age of 23 as long as they are finished completing their education.

If your child has a disease or preexisting condition that complicates the process of purchasing life insurance, don't worry: they will still be eligible for FSGLI insurance. You and your spouse will have an easy time insuring your children regardless of their health.

You might be curious to learn when the insurance coverage for your child might end. This might happen if you request it in writing, if you die, or if your child no longer is your dependent. Coverage will terminate about four months after any of these situations occur. To learn more about military health insurance for adopted children, contact the appropriate representative from your military installation.

Military Health Insurance for Adopted Children