What Companies Offer Military Discounted Car Insurance?

Kathleen Esposito

If you serve in the United States Armed Forces you may be eligible for military discounted car insurance. You'll find that most carriers offer some kind of financial incentive for military personnel, as well as the option to pause your insurance coverage if you're deployed overseas. There are two insurance companies that really focus on military discounted car insurance. These are Geico, which is short for Government Employees Insurance Company, and USAA, which is United Services Automobile Association.

About USAA Car Insurance

If you want to get insurance from USAA, you have to be in the military, or a spouse or child of a person who is eligible for USAA due to his or her military service. Service members are eligible if they are active duty, enlisted or in an officer candidate program. Retirees are eligible to retain their benefits even if they no longer fit the eligibility requirements. Honorably discharged veterans may be eligible as well. Active duty personnel are eligible for additional discounts.

When you get car insurance with this company, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to more than 2,000 approved repair shops throughout the United States
  • Further discounts for safe drivers and potential accident forgiveness
  • Online account management, including the ability to print out your ID cards
  • Flexible payment dates, so you can work with when you get paid

If you'd like to see what price you can get on this product, you can get a quote over the Web. Make sure you have your vehicle's make, model and VIN handy.

About Geico Car Insurance

While Geico was created in 1936 to benefit federal employees, it now insures private citizens as well. However, it stays true to its roots by offering substantially reduced rates to individuals in the Armed Forces as well as to people who are members of :

  • Navy or Pentagon Federal Credit Unions
  • The Marine Corps League
  • The Association of the United States Army
  • The Air Force Sergeants Association
  • The U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officers Association
  • The National Military Family Association
  • The U.S. Naval Institute

In addition to offering military discounted car insurance to drivers in most states, Geico offers Extended Non-Owned Automobile coverage for people who lease, storage protection for people who have to leave their vehicles at home while deployed, extra savings for people on emergency deployment and a special military advocates program. You can find out more about the military program online.

With a Geico insurance plan, you can enjoy:

  • Online or automatic billing
  • Convenient offices across the United States
  • Customer service 24 hours a day

Get Military Discounted Car Insurance

If you'd like to receive discounted car insurance from another company due to your or a family member's military service, it's a good idea to call or speak to an insurance agent in person as opposed to simply applying online. It's likely you will need some type of proof of service, such as a military ID, in order to secure the lower rate. Make sure you ask about military discounts before you sign up for your policy since you may or may not be able to add on the discount later. It can also be an important bargaining point when you are shopping around for a good rate, especially if you have a good driving record.

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What Companies Offer Military Discounted Car Insurance?