How to Complete Insurance Claim Forms

Insurance Claim Form

Insurance claim forms can be confusing to fill out, but doing so properly is the key to having a claim paid promptly.

How to Fill Out Insurance Claim Forms

Before you start to fill out a claim form for your insurance, take some time to review the document first. The layout of the claim form may vary depending on the insurance company, but there is some information that must be provided no matter who the carrier is.

  • Insured's name
  • Insured's address
  • Phone number
  • Policy number
  • Reason for the claim

If the claim is being made on behalf of a spouse or minor child, the insurance company will need that information as well, including his or her full name and date of birth.

Supporting Documents

If the reason for the claim is for medical or dental care, the insured will also need to submit supporting documentation. Receipts from the doctor, hospital or dentist showing the type of services provided and the amount paid must be provided. The insurance company will also need to clearly see the date the services were performed to confirm that coverage was in place at that time.

Review the Form

Once the form has been filled out, review it carefully before sending it to the insurance company. If it is a paper form, be sure that the handwriting is legible. If the company's staff is unable to decipher the information on the form, the claim will take longer to process.

Insurance claim forms may also be available for download online. While it may be tempting to print off several copies of the forms at once, a better choice may be to download the form on an as-needed basis. Claim forms can be changed and updated over time, and a claimant will want to use the most up-to-date version when submitting the form.

Make Copies

Before forwarding the claim form to the company, it is a good idea to make copies of the form and any supporting documentation. That way, if the original documents are lost either in transit or after it arrives at the insurance company's office, the insured can forward copies and get the claim processed.

Where to Get Insurance Forms

An insurance customer can get forms from a number of sources. They can contact the company directly to have copies sent out to them. Some companies may have claim forms available on their website. In the case of a person who is insured through an employer-sponsored plan, claim forms may be available from the plan administrator at the employer's office.

Getting Help With Insurance Forms

If filling out the insurance claim forms is challenging, there is help available. In the case of an employer-sponsored health insurance plan, approach the person in charge of benefits for assistance. The insurance company's customer service department should also be able to answer questions about filing a claim.

Another option for customers who have questions or concerns about filing a claim who have worked with an insurance agent is to approach that individual for help. He or she should be well-versed in insurance matters, and can provide assistance with filling out the forms.

Contact the Insurer After Sending in Forms

Some insurance customers contact the company's claims department to explain that they are submitting forms. This is an opportunity to confirm which documents the insurer needs to process the claim and to find out how long the process should take. That way, if the claim isn't processed and payment made in the usual time frame, the insured can contact the company to follow up.

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