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For most people, obtaining an affordable way to pay for medical expenses is very important, which is why health insurance now no money down is one of the best options - if it can be located.

Get Health Insurance Now No Money Down

Unfortunately, when you buy almost any insurance policy through a private company, you'll need to pay the first month's premium before you can be covered. The cost of health insurance is enough to make many people decide that they simply cannot afford to have insurance at all. Worse, the cost of health insurance is steadily increasing, making affordable health insurance something that many feel is out of reach. However, if you are willing to do some research, there are a number of resources that can help you locate health insurance that does not require any money down.

Group Health Insurance

One of the best ways to obtain health insurance now no money down is through an employer. If your employer offers insurance, depending on the terms of their offerings, you can potentially obtain health insurance with no money down by enrolling during open enrollment or when just beginning a new job.

There are many people who find that group health insurance is the preferred method of obtaining health insurance for themselves and their dependents. It is one of the few ways that you can actually obtain health insurance without paying any money upfront. Your employer, in many cases, will pay the cost of the premiums and any other fees that may be associated with the establishment of the health insurance.

Upon choosing to obtain health insurance through an employer, you will simply pay for the coverage per pay period. Usually, the health insurance fees are taken out of a paycheck on a before-tax basis, which also helps to reduce the amount of taxes you will pay. This is one of the best options for obtaining health insurance for no money down.

Government Based Options

There are also government-based programs that will allow you to obtain health insurance now no money down. There are two main programs that will provide this type of service: Medicaid and Medicare.

  • Medicaid is a health insurance program that is funded on both the state and federal levels. It is mainly reserved for those who are on a limited income. There are certain requirements in order to be considered for Medicaid, which vary from state to state. In most circumstances, you have to fall within a certain income bracket or have a qualifying illness. Anyone at any age who is eligible can be covered under Medicaid.
  • Medicare is, on the other hand, specifically for those that are 65 years of age or older or are under 65 and have been receiving Social Security benefits for at least two years. There are different parts of the Medicare system, which include Parts A, B, C and D. Part A covers hospital expenses, part B is the medical insurance portion of Medicare, part C is an option that allows you to receive health insurance coverage/services through a private health insurance company, and part D provides prescription drug benefits. Because of the different requirements for these particular government programs, it is best to contact your local health department of the Department of Social Services to find out about eligibility.

Other Options for No Money Down Health Insurance

There are times when you may have to seek medical attention. If you don't have money to pay for health services at the moment, there are some options. Often, people will go to the emergency room in order to get treatment for ailments if they do not have the money upfront. The emergency room has to see the patients who come in no matter what the health issue is. The emergency room will usually take your personal information and mail a bill to the address that is provided.

Finding health insurance for no money down can be tricky, so taking advantage of the available sources of no money down health insurance options is advised.

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Health Insurance Now No Money Down