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Festival Insurance

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Are you holding a special event or festival and need to find festival insurance? Event liability insurance is a must and you can obtain immediate insurance quotes from online event insurance experts or contact your insurance broker.

Festival Insurance Explained

Festival or event insurance is a general liability insurance policy that can protect you if you hold an event, school or church fair, concert, car show or charity event.

This type of insurance is essential to keep your organization or nonprofit protected in case someone is injured during your event. It also protects against equipment damage. According to Allen Financial Group, the president of the Boise River Festival, Steven Wood, recommends this type of insurance because, "You can't take the risk of being unprotected. In this day and age, unfortunately, people are sue-happy."


Festival insurance provides coverage such as:

  • Third party bodily injury
  • Slip and falls
  • Damage to the property where you hold your event
  • Liquor liability
  • Hired automobile coverage
  • Subrogation waivers

You can also obtain coverage for any vendors you have on-site. If vendors have their own insurance liability policy, most event insurance companies can help you with waivers of subrogation or have your organization named as an additional insured on their policy in case they have equipment damage while at your event.

Where To Find Event Insurance

To obtain a quote on festival insurance, you can contact your insurance broker to help you find a policy that will fit your needs. There are also many online insurance companies which specialize in this type of insurance. Simply do a browser search for "festival and event insurance," and you'll find dozens of companies that offer online quotes. Here are just a few:

  • Allen Financial Group - This company offers online quotes and will also work with your insurance broker. They provide all types of festival and event insurance including weather and rain insurance policies.
  • Allied Specialty Insurance - Fairs, festivals, trade shows, and community or nonprofit events are this insurance company's specialty. They even offer protection against third party claims and liquor insurance.
  • Sadler Sports and Recreation Insurance - This company offers online quotes based on expected number of attendees and amount of liability desired. Sadler's limit for number of persons per event is 12,000 attendees.

Tips On Purchasing Festival Insurance

When seeking a company to provide insurance for your event, follow these tips:

  1. Company Rating - Ask what rating the insurance company has or find out from A.M. Best online. A good company should have an A, A+ or A- rating.
  2. Additional Fees - Choose a company that doesn't charge fees for things like waivers, additional insured forms, or broker commission fees.
  3. Liability Amounts - A company should offer both one million and two million dollars in liability coverage based on your needs.
  4. Medical/Injuries - Some insurance companies will add this as a rider and charge you for it. Use a company that includes medical payments or injuries to guests in the liability policy itself.
  5. Weather/Cancellation - If you are holding your event at a time where weather may be a factor, consider purchasing a weather and cancellation rider that will help cover your festival expenses.
  6. Checklist - Prior to obtaining a quote, make a checklist of every item you want covered at your event including props, liquor, guests, automobiles, vendors and their equipment.
  7. Disclaimers - Ask the insurance company if there is anything they do not cover such as air show equipment, security guards, fireworks, or stunts. If they deny this type of coverage for your event, find a company that provides it so you are protected.

Summing Up Event Insurance

Whether you are holding a church bazaar, fundraising charity event, school fair, or a community festival event, it's important not to skip festival insurance. In some municipalities, proof of your event insurance may even be required. This type of insurance will give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your event.

Festival Insurance