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Finding an extended warranty online quote is not difficult. The trick is finding the most comprehensive coverage for the most reasonable price.

Types of Warranties

Extended warranties are not limited to automobiles. You can find extended warranty online quotes for a number of products:

  • New vehicles
  • Used vehicles
  • Home appliances
  • Electronics

Although most car dealerships and retailers attempt to sell warranties to buyers when merchandise is first purchased, it is possible to purchase warranties online after the sale has already been completed. Some consumers wait months before seeking out an extended warranty online quote.

To Warranty or Not to Warranty

Various financial experts have different suggestions with regards to extended warranties. Many claim extended warranties are a waste of money while others suggest that they are absolutely essential for certain products. If you decide to seek out an extended warranty online quote, be sure that the cost of the warranty does not exceed the replacement value of the product. You should also be sure that any deductible or extra fees associated with the warranty do not make the warranty cost-prohibitive.

Find Extended Warranty Online Quotes

The website you visit to find an acceptable quote depends largely on the item for which you want to purchase the warranty.

New and Used Vehicles

You can find extended warranties for both new and used cars through many financial institutions. Check with your bank or credit union to see what they offer. Often they will have great products available regardless of whether or not you obtained the loan for the vehicle through the institution. Before signing a contract make sure the warranty provides some flexibility in choosing a mechanic to fix your vehicle. Here is a brief listing of other resources available online:

  • Continental Warranty offers online quotes for used vehicles. This company also offers roadside assistance programs and car rental deals for customers. The online quote system does not result in an immediate quote. Instead, potential customers are contacted by a company representative.
  • Warranty Direct offers online quotes for both United States residents and people residing within Canada. Instant quotes are available online. The company also offers payment plans for warranties.

Home Appliances and Electronics

Home appliance and electronic warranties vary from coverage for individual items to full coverage for everything within the home. Weigh the various options for electronics and appliance warranties carefully before spending your money.

  • SquareTrade offers extended warranties to customers owning appliances which have been purchased in the last 30 days from certain manufacturers including:
    • Maytag
    • Jenn Air
    • Amana
    • Magic Chef

Plans are available through this company for durations including three and five year warranties. Online quotes are available.

  • American Home Shield offers coverage for several items within a home through a home warranty program. Online quotes are available through the company's website.
  • GE Warranties can be purchased for both appliances and electronics. Online quotes and additional information are available online.

The Sooner the Better

Although extended warranties are available long after the initial purchase is made, warranties are usually offered at the lowest cost right after purchase. The reasoning behind this is simple: the newer the merchandise, the less likely it is to break down. The older a model of a car, electronic device, or some other item is, the more likely you will need to make use of the warranty. This means that lower priced warranties go to newer models because they are simply more cost efficient to cover.

The Internet is a fantastic resource to find quick quotes for extended warranties. Take into consideration the cost in addition to the availability of repair facilities for the coverage before choosing a policy.

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Extended Warranty Online Quote