Equine Insurance Specialists

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Equine insurance specialists are insurance companies dedicated to providing protection and services for your horses, ranches, and farms. These insurers can provide mortality insurance, horse insurance, estate insurance, equestrian ranch coverage, horse or equine liability insurance, and in some cases even veterinary medical insurance and other types of protection against the financial risks associated with horse ownership.

Important Policy

Like most insurance policies, equine insurance policies protect you in the event of catastrophic or accidental loss. Your horses, whether work horses, race horses or recreational family pets, can be very expensive. Some horses can be prone to illness or accidental early mortality. Equine insurance specialists can help you protect your investment.

Choosing An Insurer

Choosing an insurer for your horses, farm or ranch can be a difficult task. You want to make sure that you do proper research and evaluate the insurer as you would any other type of insurance provider. Ask questions about the policy:

  • Find out what the premiums are for different types of coverage.
  • Find out the specific requirements for an insurance claim. Will your horse be covered in the event of a medical illness that requires care or are you only covered for mortality?
  • Look into combination policies that protect your horses as well as your ranch or farm. Often, these policies offer a discount if you purchase both services through the same company.

Links to Equine Insurance Specialists

  • Equine Spec allows you to submit or post your reviews of insurers, receive instant online insurance quotes, and review state laws and regulations on equine insurance. They offer a huge list of horse insurance products nationwide and their horse farm insurance program is available in 44 states. Liability and equine mortality insurance programs are available in 49 states.
  • KBIS British Equestrian Insurance Specialists provide rider and competition cover, bloodstock cover, horsebox insurance, liability cover for your business, and property insurance for both residential and commercial farms and equestrian centers.
  • With a 25 year history in the business, the Horse Insurance Specialists specialize in equine insurance policies for customers nationwide. They claim to offer great coverage at very affordable rates. Policies include full mortality, medical and surgical, stallion fertility, limited mortality, farm and ranch, and other liabilities.
  • South Essex Insurance Brokers Ltd (SEIB) has been specializing in equine insurance since 1963. Their products and programs are designed to cover all the needs of their clients. They offer a wide selection of different policies to choose from.
  • Stoneways Insurance Services is an independent intermediary that provides services in equine insurance, trailer insurance, pet insurance, and caravan insurance. They offer more affordable rates via their website. Those who purchase a horse insurance policy online receive one month free when they pay by direct debit.
  • Fry's Equine Insurance Agency is an equine insurance company that boasts having friendly and qualified agents to address inquiries and concerns. Fry's Equine Insurance Agency Inc. is an independent agency that represents groups specializing in ranch owner policies and horse farms. The policies may be customized to match all your needs, whether you run a small horse farm or a large commercial farm. They aim to provide you with the best coverage possible, covering all aspects of the equine industry.
  • Logan Livestock Insurance Agency Pty Ltd (Logans) is one of the world's leading Equine Insurance Brokers. They are recognized for their many years of experience and specialized expertise. Their agents are known for being professional, competitive, helpful, and dedicated to servicing their clients' needs,
  • Barnes Equine Insurance Agency specializes in equine farm and ranch insurance, equine mortality insurance, equine liability, equine major medical surgery, riding clubs, and general and personal farm liability.
  • Edge Equine has programs that cover full mortality, major medical/surgical coverage, farm-owners coverage, care custody and control coverage, horse show liability, stallion infertility, and many more. The company aims to respond to all their clients' needs and provide them with prompt, professional, and dedicated service.

Peace of Mind

Finding an equine insurer can provide you with peace of mind, as you will know your investment is safe. Horses can be wonderful, athletic and loving pets, but the costs of a sick or injured horse cannot be ignored. By purchasing equine insurance, you can protect yourself against risk while maintaining your stable of horses.

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Equine Insurance Specialists