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Cheap Student Travel Insurance

Tamsen Butler
Suitcase and Globe

Travel insurance can come in quite handy for students who are planning to spend time on the road - either in or out of the country - during the time they are enrolled in college. Obtain this type of policy to protect you from certain financial losses and to assist you in the instance of a medical emergency.

Insurance Needs For Students

Why should students consider purchasing travel insurance? There are some occasions that may occur during travel that may not be fully covered by existing insurance policies.

  • A student traveler who falls seriously ill may not have adequate insurance or financial resources to request transportation to a modern medical facility.
  • A college student visiting Europe who rents a vehicle and gets into an accident is suddenly financially liable for the replacement of the vehicle.

There are a variety of instances where travel insurance is advantageous, but some travel insurance policies do not cross borders. A policy that provides coverage in one country may not be applicable in another country. Make sure the policy you select truly meets your needs.

Travel Insurance Options for Students

Insurance for student travelers is big business, so there is no shortage of policies available. This works to the advantage of the traveling student because he or she can compare among several available policies to find the least expensive option with the best coverage.

Students should keep in mind that researching the best policy is not a daunting task; the Internet makes it easy to do comparison shopping. Start your search for travel insurance by looking at the companies listed below, but make sure to purchase a policy that is conducive to a multi-destination trip:

  • NROIL: This company offers annual travel insurance to students. This means that the student pays an annual fee for the coverage, but the coverage extends to whatever trips the student takes within the span of that year. For example, if a student travels to Spain for two weeks in April, returns back to The United States, and then takes a weekend trip to Mexico in September, both instances of travel are covered with this type of insurance.
  • Cultural Insurance Services Institute: The travel insurance offered by this company is specifically for students traveling abroad for educational reasons. Obtain a quote from this company, specifying that the insurance is for more than one trip.
  • Travel Insurance Center: Multi-trip travel insurance is available for both students and other travelers through this website. It is important to note that the policies do not usually include trip cancellation insurance as a standard feature, so if this is a desired coverage you will have to pay more than you are originally quoted by the company.
  • International Student: This company provides multi-trip insurance to students who are traveling within the United States and abroad. Policies are also available to International students traveling to the United States for study or for vacation.

Before purchasing a policy, thoroughly review the coverage and make sure the policy is valid for more than one destination. It is also important to ensure there are no exclusions that will void the coverage, such as certain global locations or recreational activities.

Financially Feasible

Travel insurance does not have to be expensive, especially when the insurance is designed to augment existing insurance.

  • A traveling student who already has a comprehensive health insurance policy may be able to obtain a cheaper travel insurance policy than a student with no such coverage. Students who do have existing coverage should look for a travel insurance policy specifically designed to augment coverage already in place.
  • For students who do not have any insurance coverage in place at all, a travel policy will be a good safeguard but may cost a little more. The expense is worth the peace of mind it can provide the student who is traveling to more than one location.

Peace of Mind for Safe Travels

Some students disregard the need for travel insurance because they think the policy will be too expensive, or because they assume that their existing insurance will be sufficient. When travel includes several destinations, however, it is far better to be safe than sorry.

Cheap Student Travel Insurance