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Cheap Pet Insurance

Allison Martin
Injured puppy

Purchasing pet insurance can save owners a substantial amount of money and headaches down the road if illnesses and injuries are sustained. Treatment can be very costly for these types of unexpected occurrences, so insurance can be used as a preventative measure to put the owner at ease.

Affordable Options

A few companies offer inexpensive pet insurance options for those on a limited budget.

  • Pets Best Insurance enables pet owners to enroll their animals without completing lengthy medical forms. Those with more than one pet qualify for a multi-pet discount, and you can choose to add the pet wellness option to any type of coverage for only $22 per month. The add-on covers claims related to accidents and illnesses, and does not require that a deductible is met before the pet is eligible for coverage under the plan.
  • Pet Assure offers a veterinary discount plan with no annual limits to all pet owners. No paperwork is required to enroll your pet and to take advantage of the discounted rates that are saving pet owners millions of dollars per year.
  • TruPanion covers up to 90% of the actual cost of veterinarian expenses incurred and eligible for reimbursement under the selected plan. There are no annual limits, and customizable plans that vary by premium and deductible are available to pet owners.
  • Hartville Group offers low monthly premiums and a $100 annual deductible. You are permitted to visit any licensed veterinarian located in the United States or Canada, and 90% of all qualifying expenditures will be reimbursed simply by filing the one-page claim and submitting the corresponding receipts.

Other ways to locate low-cost options include asking pet stores, animal hospitals and veterinarians for recommendations. Also, be sure to check with your employer as some offer pet benefits to employees.

Alternative Low-Cost Options

The Banfield Pet Hospital Optimum Wellness Plans include discounts on products and services, an unlimited number of free office visits and routine screenings for illnesses that may be life-threatening, all at an affordable monthly rate.

There are also discount cards available from providers that reduce the price of treatments and prescription costs. These include the Smart Choice Card and Coast2Coast Pet Care Card.

Cost of Pet Insurance

The cost of pet insurance premiums vary by location, age, breed and the desired amount of coverage. According to a recent analysis conducted by Pet Insurance Quotes of 5,000 pet owners, the average cost of monthly premiums for full coverage of dogs and cats is $29.92 and $18.56, respectively. However, the study also noted that owners should expect to pay anywhere from $8 to $100 for coverage.

Shopping Tips

When shopping for cheap pet insurance, be sure to inquire about how the following factors will affect your premiums:

  • Age restrictions
  • Breed
  • Available discounts
  • Levels of coverage and corresponding fees

Levels of Coverage

Coverage levels will differ depending on the preferences of the policy holder. Some select standard coverage, which includes preventative care, illnesses and accidents. Those searching for more cost-efficient alternatives may choose to create a customized package that only covers one or two of the three options and has a variety of co-pays, deductibles and annual maximums.

Selecting a Policy that's Right for You

In most instances, the cheaper pet insurance rates equate to reduced amounts of coverage. Before you select a program that suits your coverage needs and budget, be sure to carefully review the terms and conditions of the policy.

Cheap Pet Insurance