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The first step in getting affordable car insurance is to obtain quotes from a variety of companies to find the best policy available at the lowest price. Luckily, most credible insurance companies make it easy for potential customers to research prices by offering free, no-obligation quotes online.

Car Insurance Companies to Contact

There is no shortage of car insurance companies offering free quotes and most companies claim to have the lowest rates available. Not all companies are created equal, so it's important to narrow the search to companies that have a proven track record of reliable customer service and no-hassle claims. This means that there may be online insurers providing incredibly low premiums, yet are not necessarily the best option when compared to credible, highly-rated companies.

Start your search with the companies listed below; all of these car insurance companies make the claim of offering affordable car insurance and also offer free quotes online to potential customers. Note which companies require Social Security numbers and which companies don't need this information for the quote completion, especially if you are leery about providing this information online to a company that you do not yet do business with.

  • Progressive: This company can provide an online car insurance quote in about ten minutes. You will be asked for your Social Security number (and the Social Security number of any additional drivers) when completing the online quote questionnaire, but this is not required in order to receive the estimate. The company does suggest providing your Social Security number in order to allow Progressive to review your credit report, which has an effect on your overall insurance costs.
  • USAA: USAA is consistently rated as one of the best car insurance options for consumers. Membership to USAA is required before obtaining coverage but is not necessary in order to receive a quote. Membership is open to armed forces veterans, active duty personnel, and other military affiliates along with their family members. USAA does require a Social Security number in order to process the online quote request and you will not be able to proceed without providing a valid number.
  • Geico: The online quote process for this company allows potential customers to select various discounts they are eligible for, including student driver rates and professional organization affiliation discounts. The online quote process does not request access to the Social Security Number for potential customers, but does require a valid email address. A snapshot quote is immediately available after completion of the quote process, but the detailed quote information is sent to the email address provided by the user.
  • The Hartford through AARP: AARP offers discounted car insurance policies to members through The Hartford. Online quotes request the last four digits of your Social Security number. If information presented in the quote is not deemed accurate or complete by the system, instead of receiving a quote estimate you will receive instructions to call a Hartford agent to complete the quote process. For this reason, be sure to provide complete information if you want a quote right away.
  • Amica: While this insurance company is not necessarily well-known as an auto insurer, the company consistently scores very highly among insurers for having excellent coverage and satisfied customers. Discounts are plentiful for drivers with clean driving records and high credit scores. The online quote system does not request access to a Social Security number for completion.
  • State Farm: The online quote process for this company is quick, although a Social Security number or driver's license number is required in order to complete the process. This company is a particularly good option for drivers who do not have a stellar driving history because there are other discounts available beyond good driver discounts.

Additional Options

Car insurance comparison websites can provide quotes from several companies at once, although it is important to remember that these websites may not feature all available options, and therefore, may not represent the best options for you. Esurance is an example of a website that offers multiple quotes from car insurance companies.

Quotes don't have to come from the computer. Most companies will provide free quotes over the telephone or in person at a local agent's office. Whichever route you decide to explore to obtain your quote, be sure to get at least three quotes to ensure you select the best coverage at the best price.

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