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If you are looking for United States Army and Air Force benefits insurance, you might want to look into all of your options to find what works best for you. When you are out fighting and putting your life on the line, you want to make sure you do your best to protect yourself, your spouse, and your children in case of an emergency. Thankfully, the military offers many options for those in the Army or Air Force as far as benefits insurance is concerned.

Benefits for People in the Army and Air Force

When it comes to Army and Air Force benefits insurance, the major source of health insurance benefits for those in either the Army or the Air Force is TriCare. TriCare is available to both current and eligible former service members and their families. There are numerous different plans available in the TriCare system for those in either the Army or Air Force who are hoping to get health insurance coverage. These plans include standard coverage plans that you are automatically enrolled into while you are serving, as well as plans for retirees and those who want additional coverage above and beyond the standard option.

The Plans

The base plan- TriCare Prime- allows you to see military doctors at base medical facilities at no cost. These plans function in a similar manner to an HMO, or health maintenance organization, wherein you must get referrals to see specialists or other doctors outside of the military base medical facilities. Generally, most or all of your expenses will be covered under this plan provided you get the proper referrals.

Other options, including TriCare Extra, allow you to choose a doctor anywhere- including off base physicians- without necessarily getting a referral first. However, you may have higher co-pays if you select TriCare Extra than you would if you remained covered only under TriCare Prime.


Those who are serving currently are automatically enrolled in TriCare Prime. You may opt to enroll in one of the other programs, but enrollment is not automatic and you will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork. Those who are retired will also have to apply for and be granted benefits through the TriCare system by submitting required forms and proof of service and eligibility.

Other Options for Army and Air Force Benefits Insurance

If you are looking for additional options for Army and Air Force benefits insurance, you may also want to consider getting insurance from an organization like Army and Air Force Mutual Aid Association. The program has been in existence for over a century and can insure you and your family. This is a good option that may provide more benefits than the government's plans. You will only pay cents on the dollar for this kind of insurance, and sometimes you can set it up so that your insurance payments come straight out of your salary checks.

Other Insurance

It is extremely important to get additional insurance for yourself in addition to health insurance. Life insurance, for example, may become necessary to take care of your family if something happens to you while you are serving your country. Servicemembers Group Life Insurance, or SGLI, provides low cost group life insurance up to a maximum of $400,000 in coverage for those who are currently serving or for those who have retired from service. The premiums, regardless of age, health or whether you are currently serving, are set at $.065 per $1,000 of life insurance, making this a very affordable option.

Private Insurance

If you decide to get insurance outside of the TriCare system, you should be aware that some health insurance companies cater specially towards military members and their families while other companies simply refuse to cover military members because of their high risk. An insurance agent can give you a better handle on what kinds of companies to work with, and help you in choosing between private insurance and government plans.

The same concerns exist for life insurance: An important thing to look for is coverage that will kick in whether you are involved in a military-related death or disability, or whether you die of natural causes. Some insurance companies will not insure you if you die or become disabled while in service. Make sure that the company you choose to work with knows how important it is that your family is taken care of, whether you die in a terrorist attack, in a military attack, or of other causes. You want to make sure your family is always kept safe and healthy, no matter what happens to you.

In general, before opting for a private insurance carrier, you should fully explore all of the options available to you through government programs first. These Army and Air Force benefit insurance programs are specifically designed to cater to those who are currently serving or who have served their country.

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Army and Air Force Benefits Insurance