What Options Does AARP Health Insurance Offer?

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The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, provides discounts on select health products and services to its group of 37 million members who are 50 years of age or older. The options vary by the member's state of residence.

Medicare Plans

For those who are 65 and older, three types of Medicare plans are available through UnitedHealthcare. They include:

  • Medicare Advantage (Part C): A plan privately administered by insurance companies and available to those who are already enrolled in Parts A (hospital insurance) and B (medical insurance) and paying a monthly premium for Part B. In most instances, this plan includes a prescription drug benefit. You can explore complete plans by entering your zip code in the online database or calling 1-855-342-0852.

  • Medicare Part D: This plan helps manage the cost of prescription drugs. Those who are insured can either select a reduced-premium option or $0 deductible. In addition, a preferred prescription drug network that offers reduced co-pays is available along with a preferred mail service that expedites the delivery of medication. To find Medicare Rx plans in your area of residence, enter your zip code in the online database.

  • Medicare Supplement: Pays for expenses not covered under Parts A and B. Although the plans vary by location, patients can select any provider that accepts Medicare patients. Additional information on the Medicare Supplement Plan can be obtained by calling 1-877-502-5280.

Dental Insurance

Administered by Delta Dental, AARP's dental plans vary by state. Participants in the plan also enjoy:

  • Access to a large network of contracted providers

  • Three dental exams and cleanings per calendar year

  • Coverage for major services, such as dental implants, after the initial year of participation in the plan

There are plans available for both individuals and families.

To learn more about the Dental Insurance options available to you, locate a list of providers, or enroll in a plan, visit the Delta Dental website and select your state of residence.

Vision Benefits

AARP offers vision insurance or vision discounts to its members.

Vision Insurance

Three distinct vision insurance plans are available through EyeMed. Benefits include:

  • Affordable co-payments

  • A co-pay of $10 or less for eye exams

  • Exclusive discounts on frames and lenses

  • Extensive testing for diabetics

  • A loss of sight insurance rider

  • Coverage for out-of-network providers

  • Retinal imaging on an annual basis

Vision Discounts

AARP also offers discounts on eyeglass lens and frames purchases to members through EyeMed.

Hearing Care

Through the Hearing Care Program offered by HearUSA, AARP members enjoy discounts on hearing aids and other hearing-related products. Members can also take advantage of extended manufacturer's warranties along with free hearing aid batteries for three years and free directional microphones.

Long-Term Care

There are several long-term care options available through New York Life, but they vary by state. Use the online tool to explore plans that may be available to you.

Other Important Information

Before selecting coverage that best suits your needs, there are a few items that you should consider.

Termination Clauses

The following call for a termination of the policy:

  • Untimely payments

  • Failure to meet specified eligibility criteria

  • Double-dipping

Review Policy Details

Prior to enrolling in an AARP healthcare plan, be sure to review the policy details to ensure the coverage options best suit your needs.

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What Options Does AARP Health Insurance Offer?